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Sustainable denim bag with skull-patterned lining


Light denim bag with skull-patterned lining, Crossbody messenger jeans bag, Handmade denim bag.
Denim upcycled, and the lining in skulls, if this is your style, then this bag is definitely for you.
The strap is detachable, so it's easy to convert into a clutch bag 😉 .
Zipped pocket inside, but not only.
The bag's uniqueness is also reflected in the many small details, such as the safety pins on the front, which make an interesting addition and can also be an inspiration for personalisation in your own style.
The pockets have additional press studs to secure their contents.

32cm x 23cm ( 12.6" x 9")

Please note that screens on your devices may display colours slightly differently.

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